3:30–4:30 P.M.

David Wellbery

David Wellbery is a scholar of German literature and culture. Two of his books, Lessing’s Laocoön (1984) and The Specular Moment (1996), are considered classics in the field of German literary history, and his edited volume, Positionen der Literaturwissenschaft: Acht Modellanalysen am Beispiel von Kleists “Erdbeben in Chile” (1984), has for three decades served as the principal introduction to literary theory for students of German literature.

Susanne Paulus

Susanne Paulus is an Assyriologist with a research focus on the social, legal, and economic history of the Ancient Near East, especially of the Middle Babylonian Period/Kassite Period (1500–1000 BC). She combines traditional methods of archival reconstruction with newer instruments like Historic Social Network Analysis to reconstruct family structures, administrative organization, and the socio-political and economic landscape of Babylonia.

Jennifer Iverson

Jennifer Iverson is a scholar of twentieth-century music, with a special emphasis on mid-century music, avant-gardism, electronic music, sound studies, and disability studies. ­Her book-in-progress, “Electronic Inspirations,” analyzes the cultural impact of mid-century electronic music and how the electronic music studio reclaimed wartime technology and ideas and put them to artistic use. Iverson is Assistant Professor in the Department of Music.

Philippe Desan

Phillipe Desan studies Michel de Montaigne (1533–92) and the history of ideas in sixteenth–century France. General Editor of the journal Montaigne Studies, Desan has also edited numerous sixteenth–century texts, including the first color reproduction of Montaigne’s Bordeaux Copy of the Essais. His most recent publication is the authoritative biography, Montaigne: A Life (2017). Desan is the Howard L.

Vu Tran

Vu Tran is a writer whose first novel, Dragonfish (2015), was a New York Times Notable Book. His short fiction has appeared in the O. Henry Prize Stories, A Best of Fence, The Southern Review, Harvard Review, and other publications.

Chrysanthi Koutsiviti

Chrysanthi Koutsiviti's areas of study include Modern Greek language, linguistics, and literature. Koutsiviti is Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics.