2–3 P.M.

Thomas Christensen

Thomas Christensen is a musicologist with a special interest in the history of music theory. He has written on the musical theory of French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, the writings of seventeenth–century savants Marin Mersenne and Seth Calvisius, problems in the historiography of music theory, and many more. Several of these articles were reprinted in The Work of Music Theory (2014).

Adrienne Brown

Adrienne Brown studies American and African-American cultural production in the twentieth century.

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker is an ethnomusicologist who specializes in contemporary popular music of and in the Circum-Caribbean. Her research interests include tempo and aesthetics, coloniality, decolonization, and race/gender and respectability. Her work in progress, “Too Fast: Music, Coloniality, and Time in St. Kitts and Nevis,” examines the relationship between perceptions of tempo and gendered and raced legacies of colonization.